Delinda Morgan for US Congress

I am Delinda Delgado Morgan and I am running for Oregon's Congressional First District.

Some of my Latest Testimonials

Oregon residents: please vote for my mother, Delinda Morgan, representing Congressional District One (Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Yamhill Counties, and 12 Precincts in Multnomah County). All votes are genuinely appreciated!
Cole F. Morgan

Hey Oregon voters: please vote for my mother, Delinda Morgan for Congress, representing Congressional District One (Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Yamhill Counties, and 12 Precincts in Multnomah County). Thank you for your vote and support of a qualified candidate!
Wyatt T. Morgan

Delinda Morgan has faithfully visited our corner of her District 1, and has learned from her constituency here about what is most important to us in the Northwest corner of Oregon--Forestry jobs for our local economy, Fishing Jobs, both Ocean & River and Responsible use of our valuable natural resources here in Clatsop County. With Delinda, we will FINALLY have representation for all the county, not just special interest groups! Clatsop County jobs matter--We need Delinda Morgan for CD 1.
Christine Bridgens

I have known Delinda Morgan as a honest, no nonsense individual. She has business background, integrity, and purpose. She is an excellent candidate for the U.S. Congress. Voting for Delinda would be a vote to TAKE BACK AMERICA to the way of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is my privilege to know her.
Sally MacLeod

Delinda are you planning on running again this year, if you make it to the General election I will be voting for you. Unfortunately after the last election I left the Oregon Republican Party because I feel that they don't listen to their members, they struck me as being out of touch, ...had a specific agenda, and blamed others for Democrat wins when the should've been looking at themselves. I thought some of the Libertarian ideals you ran with would draw voters in but the Republicans struck me as not caring. Also one other thing I would tell your campaign is to get you on The Mike Church Show and David Webb show on SiriusXM. Mike Church's brand of Little "r" Republicanism fits right in with your platform.

Great to know, while I've switched my party to Libertarian, I actually may have to do a write in with your name. Your stand on the 10th amendment is the biggest reason I am supportive of your candidacy.

Bryce Englin

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Delinda Morgan with her family


You are all very special to me. Thank you very much for your time, efforts, votes and prayers. It has been an incredible journey and I had a great time because YOU were there with me.

All my best,
Delinda Delgado Morgan

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